Social media marketing is not only for businesses or for artists, but it is also being embraced by politicians.  With 7-months left until the 2016 Presidential Election, the potential candidates are heavily leveraging social media to reach out and connect with supporters—one of the key benefits of social media marketing.

Social media and politics began most meaningfully with President Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012 as means to connect with the targeted audiences of minorities to encourage them to go to the polls and vote during a period of time when voter rates were declining.

Since those successful campaigns, the candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election have embraces social media for themselves garnering up to 8.6 million followers through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Why is it so important?  According to a survey by Echelon Insights and Hart Research Associates, of those who say they will vote in 2016:

  • 92% have at least one social media account
  • 54% share content on social media on a daily or weekly basis
  • 40% share political news and information daily or weekly

What is clear is that if you as a candidate, company, artist, or individual looking to advance your personal cause are not actively engaging social media as an avenue to connect with your customers/clients/constituents, you are loosing important attention and visibility.  In today’s digital world, it is imperative to communicate your marketing via digital means.

So what’s your take on social media and politics?

  • Do you trust the political information you receive on social media?
  • Where do you obtain your political information from?
  • Should companies continue to focus on traditional media or just social media?


MSNBC: The Politics of Social Media in 2016