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With the rapid increase of social media popularity, have you ever wondered whether social media is the right avenue for your company?

To shed some light on whether significant gains are being achieved by all marketers, the Social Media Examiner completed a 2013 study of how 3,000 marketers are doing with social media, what the top benefits are, and if their ROI has been improving.

This insightful infographic provides useful learnings for all marketers such as:

  • 92% of all marketers report it generates exposure for their business with as little as 6 hours of weekly work
  • 50% of marketers reported new partnerships resulting from at least 1 year of social media marketing.
  • 71% of B2C marketers develops loyal fan bases through social media

Further supporting the benefit of social media marketing, Wharton’s Institute of Executive Education completed a study to determine what social media friends and “likes” are really worth.  They found, through a survey of over 2,000 users of the social media site who had liked a brand revealed that each “Like” is worth $174.17.

Check out the full infographic below and share your thoughts in the comments below of how well social media marketing is working for you!