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In September 2014, HP launched a successful social media market campaign inviting millennials in India to ‘Bend the Rules’ to showcase the creativity, talent of innovation of India’s youth.   This campaign encouraged millennials to share examples of times when they bent the rules to achieve success by uploading a video on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #BendTheRules.

The thought process behind the campaign was that today’s youth have a very different perspective on life as they idolize people who follow alternative paths to greatness.  Rather than following the traditional path of getting a college degree and securing a corporate job, millennials utilize the power of technology, coupled with their passion, to established their own success.  Today’s youth do not blindly accept established norms, but rather seek to challenge the status quo and find new ways to accomplish goals.

Instantly the message behind this campaign will resonate with the target market of millennials, but HP strategically made a move that compounded the effect of the message alone—made the face of the campaign someone who represented bending the rules.

The face of this campaign was HP India’s brand ambassador, Deepika Padrone, who left behind a promising badminton career to pursue acting being an inspiration for those looking to follow an unconventional path to success.  Her career path provided an excellent example of bending the rules to achieve success.

In addition to the HP consumer uploaded content, this campaign was spread across various platforms including television, print, social media, webisodes, Vine videos, out of home, and digital.  This widespread approach lead to sustained success and further opportunity for the HP brand as well as HP’s x360 tablet—a tablet that bends and has the tagline “for a generation that works differently”—to gain additional spot light in the consumer market.

The intent of this campaign was to change the Indian youth’s opinion of HP from being a older persons’ brand to a young, hip brand.  By showcasing HP products in scenarios where young people bent the rules and became hero for it, they were associating their brand with millennials.

As a measure of how successful this campaign was, the Vine component of this marketing campaign, HP experienced 950K active engagements and 50M organic views.

So as a millennial, how have you bent the rules to achieve success?  Any examples of bending the rules for social media marketing?

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