In the movie, Patch Adams, the doctor played by Robin Williams uses a red clown nose to cheer up cancer patients in a children’s hospital.  Leveraging this well-known movie, M&M’s launched a social media marketing campaign in 2015 to generate awareness and money for the first ever United States Red Nose Day.  This campaign is focused on raising funds to support children living in poverty by having fun and making people laugh — a similar approach Dr. Patch Adams used in the film.

The campaign utilized the hashtag ‘#MakeMLaugh’ across social media asking M&M fans to post examples of them making someone laugh.  For each post made, M&M’s donated one dollar to the Red Nose Day foundation up to $250,000.

M&M’s garnered support for this campaign through social media influencers, celebrities and M&M fans across the US.  Additionally, M&M’s coordinated it’s efforts with NBC and Comic Relief to showcase celebrities making people laugh such as Nick Canon, Joe Jonas, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.

In addition to simply asking the M&M’s fan base to use the hashtag, M&M’s became apart of the community and created content that it put out on it’s own social media accounts featuring its well known and loved M&M’s characters.  To build upon the donations and awareness, the company was involved with the Red Nose Day telethon having inflatable Red and Yellow M&M characters take part in a dance party to continued to spread awareness for the campaign to increase donations.

The results of this campaign were incredible with M&M’s raising $1,250,000 for the Red Nose Day fund.  In addition, the company generated:

  • 189 million media impressions on Forbes, Huffington Post, People, Entertainment tonight and more
  • 270 million social media impressions
  • 3 million social engagements on #MakeMLaugh content
  • 78K uses of the hashtag ‘#MakeMLaugh’

So this, week I’ve got questions for you!  What is your favorite social media marketing campaign that raised awareness for a good cause?  Did you hear of the M&M’s Red Nose Day last year?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

M&M’s Red Nose Day