Double Robotics is a global technology company that is best known for it’s telepresence robot that allows remote users to control the robot from afar while interacting with the world via build-in video and audio devices.  To tap into the Australia market, Double Robotics decided to take advantage of the fact that this target market had no preconceived notions of robots.  This gave the company a tremendous opportunity to engage with the imagination and interest of these new customers.

Knowing that customers typically think of robots as lacking personality, they sought to give the robot personality to drive consumer generated content and drive media perception as well.  To do this, Double Robotics capitalized on the launch of the latest iPhone launch — iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — which is often a global event.

When selecting the robot driver that would be the face of the campaign, they chose Lucy Kelly who was a young, energetic and innovative woman who did not want to withstand the elements—rain in particular—that was in the forecast for the Australian launch of the iPhone 6s.  The telepresence robot was placed outside the George Street Apple store in Sydney and interacted with Apple fans and media persons for the days leading up the launch.  Then, on launch day, the robot was the first person to buy iPhone 6s to encourage media outlets to write the story: ‘Robot buys the first iPhone 6s in the world.’

The results for this campaign were incredible and helps catapult Double Robotics into the global conversation:

  • 4,000 stories across print and TV
  • 32 language translations of these stories
  • 123 million people reached
  • $73 million media valuation for the campaign
  • 12 thousand sales leads
  • $45 million in sales opportunities
  • +1200% brand favorability

Why do you think this campaign worked so well?  How can your company use social media marketing to spread awareness for new products you are working on?  Share your thoughts below!

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