In 2015, JetBlue sought to build even stronger relationships in the Boston local community for fliers that frequent Boston’s Logan International Airport.  To do this, JetBlue became the official airline partner of the New England Patriots.  In order to build community awareness for this newly formed relationship, JetBlue worked with ad agency MullenLowe to develop a campaign that would resonate with Boston sport fans while concurrently aligning with the JetBlue values.

Coincidentally, one of JetBlue’s pilots — Chief Pilot Paul Hocking—was the uncle of New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.  As a result, MullenLowe’s idea for a social media campaign was to utilize the hashtag #GronkIsMyCopilot playing tribute to JetBlue pilots and the New England Patriots star.

Leveraging a suite of creative videos, GIFs and social media photos, Boston sports media outlets were provided various marketing media examples of Gronkowski and his pilot uncle conversing comically followed by Gronkowski in the pilot’s seat of the plane.

In order to engage audiences more, MullenLowe utilized partner channels including and Grownkowski’s twitter handle.  Furthermore, during football season, Patriots fans flying on JetBlue through Boston’s Logan Airport were enticed to wear their official Patriots gear to gain access to early boarding which strengthens JetBlue’s connection to the team and their fans.

The results of this campaign were very successful including:

  • 221 million PR impressions
  • 25 million social impressions
  • 3 million video views
  • 46 thousand Facebook likes
  • 67% video completion rate on video views
  • 10 thousand social media shares

How can your brand leverage relationships with well known celebrities or teams?  Do you find this campaign as an effective means to increase buzz and engagement for newly formed relationships? Share your thoughts int he comments below!