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Box Tops for Education is one of America’s largest school earning loyalty programs which as earned America’s schools over $600 million.  To capitalize on this important program, Heft, the only trash bag that supports Box Tops for Education set out to build momentum for the program during 2015’s back-to-school promotion window.

During a compelling online campaign, Hefty started the hashtag #SaidNoSchoolEver which was supported by online video, social media and influencers.  In each media used, the campaign showcased the problem facing all public schools across the country—lack of funding.  In addition to this, Hefty raised awareness for the brand that is often loved by moms with school-aged children which is one persona Hefty likes to target.

The campaign was very effective and building support for and recognizing great teachers.  The campaign resulted in over 57 million video and over 72 million impressions.  In addition, the campaign sparked a conversation that continues to occur today between the target audience and educators.

This campaign represents a great way that social media can support businesses, but also good causes at the same time.  So far, Hefty has raised over $3.5 million dollars to support education through the Box Tops for Education program.

Do you purchase Hefty and use the Box Tops for Education program in your school?  What do you like about it most?  Check out the hilarious Hefty video below!

Hefty – Teachers – #SaidNoOneEver