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In 2015, iHeartRadio hosted it’s fifth annual music festival in Las Vegas.  After launching the company in 2008, iHeartRadio had quickly become a well known brand in the music industry after partnering closely with radio station, artists and music festivals.  For their fifth self-hosted music festival, they sought to engage fans and artists and achieve even greater social success than prior years.  As part of the two day music festival, more than 35 musical acts performed between two different stages.

To increase social awareness, iHeartRadio created a social capture area at the two primary gathering locations of the festival allowing artists to visit and engage with fans online.  In addition to this, iHeartRadio leverages a new Twitter Challenger app which allows people to challenge others to difference tasks.  This allowed fans to challenge the musical festival artists to various tasks such as: (1) hit their highest and lowest notes, (2) show their best impromptu dance, (3) show off their best accent, and (4) perform their best dad dance.

This app allowed fans to increase their engagement with artists and these videos quickly become hilarious viral clips that were shared in real time on Twitter.  To further increase engagement, iHeartRadio leveraged its relationships with artists to organize Twitter and Instagram takeovers giving fans an insight look at the music festival and a direct communication line with their favorite celebrities.  Finally, throughout the weekend, photos, videos and editorial content was shared live with fans across all social media platforms to engage fans including Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Flipboard and Periscope.

The results of this campaign were very successful driving:

  • 6.5B social media impressions which beats the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.
  • #1 hashtag worldwide, in the US and across more than 80 cities (#iHeartRadio)

What are your thoughts on iHeartRadio?  Have you learned about it more through radio or through social media?  Share your thoughts below!

2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival Reel